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Tampon printing

Tampon printing

Tampon printing

Tampon printing

Tampon printing


Tampon printing is the method of making design on small and various surfaces  (more often on plastic or glass surfaces) by use of a silicon tampon: pens, pencils, lighters, watches   and other promotional gifts.

The method of tampon printing was invented by a Frenchman Decallesie  specially for making an image  on the face of a Swiss clock. Usual methods of printing were useless for this. And  also it was very expensive to pain clock faces by hand.

At first gelatin tampons were used but they got out of order quickly.

The inventor of the modern tampon printing is a German engineer Wilfred Fillip. He focused of the problem of improving tampon stability and by 1965 he  decided on favor of a rubber tampon. After a set of experiments he managed to create  an extremely sustainable, flexible, resistant to chemicals holder – a silicon tampon of cold vulcanization.

In the tampon printing facility we offer you to make a design on the following types of promotional products:

- plastic pens;
- pencils;
- lighters;
- flash-cards;
- cups;
- whatches;
- calculator, keyfobs and others.

Estimated cost for making a design by the method of tampon printing:

100 300 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
1 colour 7,5 5,6 2,9 2,2 1,9 1,7 1,6 1,3
2 colour 14,7 10,6 5,4 4,3 3,6 3,2 2,8 2,4

 It is important!
Maximum size of an image: on the surface of a pen  – 60 mm х 0,7 diameter, on the surface of a cup   – 40х50 mm.
Price for printing on  pens and other things provided by a client increases on 20 %.
Printing on outsized plastic materials (clocks, calculators and large-sized promotional products) + 50%.
Price for printing on products of glass and ceramic (cups, wineglasses, tall glasses, glasses and ash-pots) increases in 2,5

Printing on products of dark colours + 1 colour.
Change in colour  + 300 rubles per colour

Products required a time-consuming packing and unpacking  + 20% to order cost.
Urgent order ( 1 – 3 day) +50-100%.
Permissible value of processing deficiency  – 1%. There is  1 for 100 units of product.

To calculate your order price, use our service on-line cost calculation


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