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Stamping (blind and foil stamping)

foil stamping
foil stamping

blind stamping

blind stamping



Stamping is a type of exclusive decorative finish of products from leather and leather substitute and paper products (folders, business-card, letter-heads, envelopes).
Stamping is made by a warmed stamp with a logo of a company or other design.

There are two types of stamping on leather or leather substitutes: blind and foil stamping.

Foil stamping gives a product additional artistic and decorative characteristics, because the stamping may be made by different colors: silver, gold, red and blue foil.

Blind stamping is performed without foil.  However the stamping  may be texturized with a different death of an image.
For blind stamping it is recommended to use a relatively soft carcass (covers from leather and leather substitutes for note-books, plannings and folders).

For the stamping of business printing products (letter heads, invitations, business-cards, folders) it is used foil and hot stamping.

By hot stamping   it is possible to add volume to some elements on a product: for example, to a logo or some decorative elements.


Only the method of hot stamping more often is used for printing business-cards, postal cards and invitations. Making this method of decorating work you product won't be unnoticed!
For stamping it is necessary to prepare an individual stamp. The logo and other information for stamping must be provided by a client in vector format (.eps, .cdr, .ai files)

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