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Silk-screening (silk-screen printing)



silk-screen printing

silk-screen printing


The method of silk-screening is considered to be the most ancient method of printing . Some say that the birthplace of silkscreen is China, but there is some information, that the method itself was invented in the XIX-th century in  Switzerland.
The modern technology now is making  great progress, but the calling of “silk-screening” is left. . The point is that the  stencil screen printing needs small hard net, leaking an ink. In ancient times silk serves as this material for the net.

 The printing principle by the silk-screening  method:

With the use of  the printing frame an image are brought on a special net. So this way we get a  stencil sheet where  through with the use of  color blade by the squeezing-through method paints are faced on the surface.

The modern technology, implemented by the «Riol Print» office, allows to make am image  by use of  several inks,  to make a full-color image, and all this can be produced as in  small circulations (from 50 pieces), as in big ones (1000 press sheets per a working day)

In the silk-screening facility our printing office is filled by hi-tech equipment to make a design on almost any material:

There is an incomplete list of the frequently ordered products with a logo and another design:
- T-shirts, windbreaker, baseball caps, promo-clothes for exhibitions (aprons, wastecoats, bandannas, ties, garrison caps), workwear, bags, almost any textile product;
- labels, stickers;
- Polyethylene bags;
- paper bags made of design paper;
- business-cards  made of design paper;
- cups and other promotional gifts of glass and plastic;
- umbrellas;
- balloons.

 Estimated cost for making a design on polyethylene bags by the method of silk-screening (in rubles):

Circulation/ number of color inks 1+0 2+0 3+0
50 25,0 37,0 49,0 61,0
100 14,5 20,5 26,5 32,5
200 8,5 13,0 17,5 22,0
300 7,0 10,6 13,9 17,5
400 6,7 10,0 13,0 16,9
500 6,4 9,7 12,7 16,6
1000 3,7 7,0 10,0 13,9
2000 3,4 6,7 9,7 13,6


It is important!

The cost of printing includes the production cost of stencil sheets.
Printing less than  50 pieces + 300 rubles for making a stencil sheet.

Printing on products of dark colours + 1 colour.
Minimum thickness of line is 0,2 mm. We print images in vector format.
Urgent order +50-100%.
Complex superimposition + 50%

To calculate your order price, use our service on-line cost calculation


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