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Wobblers, shelf talkers

Wobblers, shelf talkers

Wobblers, shelf talkers

Wobbler is a type of  POS materials and in literal sense means a bait, which main aim is to attract customers, to capture their attention, to make them to buy certain products.  Wobbler consists of  figured die-cutting hard paper with a full-color print  (also it is possible to make a lamination). Ii is added by a plastic or aluminum base  with double sided scotch tape for fixing.

Shelf talker is also a POS material, used for decorating points of sale  in the  in shops.

They say that the idea of shelf talker making came up in 1916 to the owner of the chain store system “Piggly Wiggly”. They invent a system of prompts in  the form of small notice plates, which later on was called shelf talkers. They allow to turn customers attention to a certain product , to present it and awake buyers interest.

Shelf talkers are printed on hard paper, if necessary  it may be laminated and blanked by an individual forme.

Shelf talkers are fixed on storefronts or shelves either with use of double sided scotch tape or hanged on a hanger.


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