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The advertising and production firm “Riol-print”  is a dynamically developing company. It specializes  on a high-quality print on almost every  material. We are working on the advertising market since  December 1999.

At first we were just an advertising company and we were ready and willing to execute any order. Certainly we had to readdress orders into other companies (на стороне). That's why our orders were not completed in time,  we got discards, and  as  a result we lost our clients. Then we came to the only right solution, we started  out own production.

 At present “Riol-print” is a full-service printing office. The segments of our firm are the following: design bureau,  departments of:  finals output,  instant print,  silkscreen and bad printing,  offset process facilities and  wide-format printing facilities. We have chosen a frog as the symbol of our company . In mythology frog is always associated with life and fertility.

The main task of our company  is the assistance in market promotion of our clients' product, contributing to their  business prosperity.
VIVID PRINTING is a slogan of our company. “Vivid” means that we  treated our printing equipment as an animate object and we don't identify it with the  people, operating on it.

It could be written a lot. But any company gains it's reputation by its actions  and only its clients are able to provide  exact and comprehensive information about  the company and its products.

Together we can make our life even more colourful and vivid!


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Video of TV-program "Galileo" about the qualitative polygraphy, removed in printing office RiolPrint

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