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Postal cards and invitations

Postal cards

Postal cards

Postal cards and invitations

Postal cards and invitations

To present a greeting card is the best way to leave pleasant memories about you. Branded cards with the New Year,  Defender of the Fatherland Day and  International  Women's Day  greetings are very popular. It is a pleasure for  a representative of ordering company to get a birthday  greeting from a partner company. The diversity of forms, design paper, elements of post-printing process  make your greeting card an exclusive and rememberable present!

Postal cards and invitations for different events may be produced as an enclosure in an envelope made in the same style.

The printing office "Riol Print"offers you the following variants of printing postal cards:
- offset printing in  1-2-3-4 inks (in pantones or in full-color). Also it is possible to use metallic paints for printing  (gold or silver inks) ;
- printing by the use of silk-screening method ( it is more common for printing on design paper).

Hot stamping, UV-lacquer  and blister ground  (lacquer with spangles) look very effective on  postal cards.

Estimated cost for printing   postal cards, in “euro”  format, on loaded paper of  280 – 300  g/m2 density.

Color-grade/ circulation 500 1000
4+1 210 240
4+4 250 310

The cost  is noted in conventional units without  stamp production and preparation of make-up page per circulation.

To calculate your order price, use our service on-line cost calculation


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