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Catalogue printing

Catalogue printing

Catalogue printing

Promotional printing products of high quality are the recipe for your success in any business areas.   Catalogue printing  is  the best way for the resentation of your products and services.
The printing office “Riol Print” possesses a great experience and all necessary resources to produce high quality printing products and particularly catalogue printing.

Catalogue is a publication, containing all the necessary information about a product, its types, characteristics and price. In contrast to  other promotional materials, you can  place much more information  in catalogues. It is very important to show an offered product  at its best in the catalogue: to distribute information which fully enough represents the appearance of the product and to describe its characteristics. It's also necessary to focus on perfect photos, demonstrating your products and services.

Catalogue may perform different functions: informational, promotional and image-making. At that a catalogue  becomes the right hand in your products and services presentation.

Cataloguem production is the best and long-term investment in your advertisement. The creative design  of your catalogue would remind your clients of your company.

Catalogues areusuallymade in A4 format and containmore then 16 pages. They  are printed on the paper  of 130 g/m2 density and has a hard cover   (from 170 g/m2 density). The catalogue's sheet binding depends of  the quantity of pages.  A multipage catalogue (up to 48 pages) can be bounded by two staples, but for a catalogue with more than 56 pages we recommend to use adhesive binding .

For adhesive binding we use  Horizon BQ-270 machine. This is a full-automatic machine for adhesive binding with auto feed and cover creasing. The density of the adhesive block is up to 6,5 cm.

For stapling catalogues we use Нorizon machine of 16 stations for saddle stitching. This automatic machine sews both brackets and figured staples (so called “euro” staples).

The printing office “Riol Print” prints catalogues of high quality at a low price and  in short terms. We produce catalogues of any complexity, containing all the necessary information about product characteristic, value and description.

Cost for printing  catalogues,   format (4+4).

Estimated cost for printing catalogues with stapling saddle binding.
Quantity of lines / circulation 500 1000 3000
16 823 960 1580
32 1570 1820 2900
48 2260 2670 4500
Cost for printing catalogues is noted in conventional units  per circulation.


Estimated cost for printing catalogues with adhesive binding.
Quantity of lines / circulation 500 1000 3000
56 2650 3200 5190
96 4370 5420 8170
128 5820 6890 11570
Cost for printing catalogues  is noted in conventional units per circulation.

You should check the cost for catalogue printing with our consultants, who may not only  calculate the  value of this service but help you to develop a design of catalogue made-up page.

Catalogue printing in our office is the right solution for your business advertising!


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