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Paper bags

Paper bags

Paper bags

Paper bags

Paper bags

A long time ago paper bags took  strong positions in the field of purchasing. And nowadays they lead in the list of orders made by different companies to the New Year!

Paper bag design is the perfect fields of activity for our designers!

There are a great deal of variants in paper bag design!  Design paper, full-color print, mat or gloss lamination, selective UV-lacquer, stamping, use of colored lace for package handle or even satin ribbon allow to create a unique product. Such paper bag may be used once and again and serve its owner or for a long time.

The process of paper bags production

1. Printing. A paper bag consists of two similar parts. Depending on the size paper bags are printed on the paper of A3 or A2 format. According to  the design the printing may be made  in 1-ink as well as in full-color (4 inks). Besides the offset printing we have the capability to make a  print  by the silk-screening method (more often it is made with the use of specific types of design paper).
2. Finishing. On this stage sheets of the future bags may be laminated on one or two sides. It allows the bag to serve longer. It is also possible to be covered by offset lacquer (It will protect inks. It is recommended for using metallic paint or tight filling). After that at the clients' request it may be done foil and hot stamping
3. Die-cutting. Paper bags die-cutting is done with the help of specially made forme. We also possess a lot of formes, but if needed we can order an individual forme for your paper bags.
4. Packing. Paper bags are packed  by hand. Both parts of a paper bag are sticked together by high quality double-sided scotch tape. The upper part of a paper bag is hardened (on the place of handles) and strengthened the base. A paper bag may carry a load up to 5 kg.
5. The installation of eyelets. In the upper part of the bag are installed four eyelets. At your desire the eyelets may be made either in silver ink or gold ink. Rope handles are made in the prepare holes. The paper bag is done!

The paper bag production is a hard process. We recommend you to plan such orders beforehand especially  before the New Year holidays!

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