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Notepads with logo


Notepads with logo

Notepads with logo

Notepad  is a perfect present for a business man. If you enter any office, you' ll find  paper cahiers of  9х9  cm format of any height.

To place an advertisement on  notepads of different high or to print a logo of a company with its contact information is a perfect marketing mix. There are a lot of variants of design!

Standard distention of notepads are the following: 9х9х9 cm, 9х9х5 cm, 9х9х2,5 cm.

Notepads are the same paper blocks, but without an adhesive layer on its base. Such blocks are packed in a shrink wrap.

For making notepads we use 2-4 colored machine  HEIDELBERG, after printing sheets are cut and  glued on the base.

Estimated cost for printing notepads,  format 9х9х5 cm (500 sheets), offset paper of  80 g/m2 density.

Polythene wrapping, 1 issue – 0,1–0,5 у.е. Depending on the circulation.

Number of color inks / circulation 100 200 300 500 1000
1+0 200 350 450 700 1300
2+0 250 440 630 850 1600
3+0 300 530 720 1000 1900

The cost is noted in conventional units without stamp production and preparation of make-up page per circulation.

To calculate your order price, use our service on-line cost calculation


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