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Branded envelopes

Branded envelopes

Branded envelopes

Printing envelopes

Printing envelopes

Envelopes  produced according the corporate style of a company have already become an essential part of business correspondence.
A company ordered branded envelopes  may not only  support its image but also save the time of  the secretary for writing the companies address.

There are several ways of printing envelopes:
- offset printing on the prepared envelopes (in С4, С5, Е65 formats): envelopes with an adhesive layer, with  a window  or without it;
- printing by the use of silk-screening method on ready-made  envelopes ( it is more common for printing on design paper)
- making envelopes with use of an individual letterhead.

 Estimated cost for printing envelopes, Е65 (euro), without the cost of an envelope itself.

Color-grade 300 500 1000
1+0 35 40 60
2+0 54 60 80
3+0 75 80 100
4+0 105 110 140

The cost is noted in conventional units without stamp production and preparation of make-up page  per circulation.

To calculate your order price, use our service on-line cost calculation


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