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Booklets, leaflets and fly-sheets.


Booklet (form french Bouclette means  a ring) is a printed product, made on a  sheet of paper folded in several pages without cutting, so the text can be readable, as a folding screen. Short guide-books, advertisements, folders, program books  and others are published in the shape of booklet.
Booklets may be printed in different ways: for example, in A3 or A2 format. Then they are die-cut and folded up to 6 pleats.  Our  designers' invention can change a French “ring” into Russian “harmonica”!

Leaflet is a form of booklet printed on a paper sheet of А4 format (300х210 mm). It has  2 folds and is folded up to 210х100 mm. Such leaflets are often used for mass postal mailing because they are very convenient for enclosure in an envelope of “Euro” format.

The use of fly-sheet is the easiest and cheapest way to get the information to the end consumer. Fly-sheets are usually printed on a paper sheet of А4 format on one or on both sides in 1 or 4 inks depending on client's will.

It is important!With the use of heavy paper for booklet production (from 170 g/m2) a sheet of paper is creased and only after that is folded. It is necessary so as to avoid paper creases on pleats.

For folding we use MBO T45 folding machine allowing to make folding (up to 6 pleats), creasing and perforation.


 Estimated cost for printing leaflets, А4 format, loaded paper of 115 g /m2 density.

Number of color inks/circulation 1000 3000
4+0 128 180
4+4 180 235


Estimated cost for printing booklets, А3 format, loaded paper of 115 g /m2 density.

Number of color inks/circulation 1000 3000
4+0 150 270
4+4 197 370

The cost  is noted in conventional units without  stamp production and preparation of  make-up page.


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